Push notifications appear on mobile phones as one-on-one communications for user interaction. Push notifications appear on the user's screen in the same way as text messages do, although that exact location depends on the user's desire and device settings. Push notifications are an excellent method for a mobile app to draw attention to new features, goods, or services.

To run a push notification campaign with Swipecart follow the steps given below:

  • Connect your store with swipecart.

  • In your Swipecart dashboard, you will see a Campaign section appearing in the left panel.

  • Click on the campaign section > click on Create Campaign.

  • Design your push notification, compose your push notification by adding a catchy title and description, understand market segment, and choose relevant audience as per your products.

  • Last but not the least to send push notifications now turn on the Send Push Now option or if not then you can schedule your push notification and click on Send Push Notification button below.

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