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  • What Is User Segmentation

    Segmenting users into discrete categories helps you in marketing. Swipecart provides you user segmentation feature to know what your need.

    The method of categorizing users into discrete categories, or segments, sharing common features is known as user segmentation. Users might be segmented by cultural preferences, product preferences, geographic location, or user persona etc. Product teams may investigate how user behaviors differ between segments through careful user segmentation, and then build unique experiences for every segment.

    Why should you segment users?

    User segmentation assists teams in determining what motivates or values the users so that they may attract more of them.

    Product development and innovation becomes a guesswork without segmentation, and teams are unable to assess if their efforts were worthwhile.

    For example, if the go-to-market team created user segments for sample users who convert vs. those who quit, they might understand how each category utilizes the item differently and then figure out which marketing channels are more likely to attract those who convert to paying customers. Product teams may employ segmentation to provide unique experiences for different categories of users, with the goal of boosting engagement, customer satisfaction, repeat customers, and diversification.

    What are the most popular user segment types?

    While each firm may place a varied emphasis on distinct user categories, there are a few that are universal to all. This list includes the following items:

    Demographic Segmentation: Information about a specific user, such as : gender, age, location, preferred language, profession, or occupation.

    Firmographic Segmentation- This data includes information about the user's company, such as business sector, revenue, workforce count, and operating model.

    Information about additional technologies used by the user's company, such as CRM providers, marketing automated tools, backend systems, or databases.

    Behavioral Segmentation: Data about how a certain user has engaged with the product, such as the numbers of logins and pages seen.

    Are you ready to undertake user segmentation?

    If personalisation is essential for long-term product success, segmentation is one of the most effective techniques for providing what groups of consumers require. Swipecart provides you with all the segmentation features to make it easy for you. There's never been a better opportunity to consider who your users are, what they really want, and how you can provide it to them.