What is a Profile Page on the mobile app?

  • A profile page represents user information and activities related to their account on the app.

  • On Swipecart, you can edit and customize the profile page settings to improve customer shopping experiences and app engagement.

Steps for Profile Page settings on Swipecart

  • Let’s see how to customize the profile age settings on Swipecart.

  • Click on Profile Page Settings under the Theme Settings tab on your Swipecart design dashboard.

How to select a Profile Page style variant for your Swipecart app?

  • Click on Profile Style drop-down box at the top centre of your screen.

  • Select any Profile Style variant.

  • Click on the Reshuffle icon to change and preview the variants.

How to add a menu item to the Profile Page?

  • Click on +Add A Menu Item.

  • On the Add New Page popup, enter these details

    • Page Name

  • Select an icon for the new page from the Icon Library. You can select the icon style variant as

    • Thin

    • Outline

    • Fill

  • To upload a custom icon, enable the Upload Custom Icons toggle switch.

  • Link the new page to

    • User-defined app page- New pages you’ve created on the app

    • System-defined app page- Pages already existing on the app

    • Web URL- External website URL with the option to open outside the app

    • None- No page linking.

  • Click Submit when done.

How to edit a menu item on the Profile Page?

  • Hover over the menu item you want to edit and click on the three-dot icon.

  • Click Edit to open the Edit Menu Page.

  • Edit the following details-

    • Page Name

    • Page Sub Title

  • Click Delete if you want to delete the existing icon.

  • Select a new icon from the Icon Library or click Upload Custom Icons to upload a new icon.

  • Change the existing link to another by selecting-

    • User Defined- pages you’ve created on the app

    • System Defined- already existing pages on the app.

    • Web URL- an external website link with the option to open the page outside the app.

    • None- no linking.

  • Click Submit when done.

How to customize the Profile Page on Swipecart?

  • Click on the Settings icon.

  • Here, you can customize the style for your profile page on Swipecart.

  • Disable the Show Icon toggle switch if you don’t want to display icons for the profile page menu items.

  • Click on Edit for Login and Logout to edit their title, change the icon by selecting it from the Icon Library or upload a custom icon.

  • Click on Font Settings to edit-

    • Font Style- Change to Normal or Italic

    • Font Weight- Change the font thickness

    • Font Color- Enter RGB value, HSL, and HEX value or use the color picker to change font color

    • Icon Color- Change icon color by entering the RGB, HSL, and HEX values or using the color picker.

  • That’s it to editing and customizing the Profile Page on Swipecart.

You can see the preview of the profile page in the preview app.

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