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  • Profile Page Settings

    Swipecart offers you various user profile screen styles to enhance the look of your app. Profile style customization is easy and fast.

    Video Tutorial of Profile Page Settings

    What is a Profile Page on the mobile app?

    • A profile page represents user information and activities related to their account on the app.
    • On Swipecart, you can edit and customize the profile page settings to improve customer shopping experiences and app engagement.

    Steps for Profile Page settings on Swipecart

    • Let’s see how to customize the profile age settings on Swipecart.
    • Click on Profile Page Settings under the Theme Settings tab on your Swipecart design dashboard.

    How to select a Profile Page style variant for your Swipecart app?

    • Click on Profile Style drop-down box at the top centre of your screen.

    • Select any Profile Style variant.

    • Click on the Reshuffle icon to change and preview the variants.

    How to add a menu item to the Profile Page?

    • Click on +Add A Menu Item.

    • On the Add New Page popup, enter these details
    • Page Name

    • Select an icon for the new page from the Icon Library. You can select the icon style variant as
    • Thin
    • Outline
    • Fill

    • To upload a custom icon, enable the Upload Custom Icons toggle switch.

    • Link the new page to
    • User-defined app page- New pages you’ve created on the app
    • System-defined app page- Pages already existing on the app
    • Web URL- External website URL with the option to open outside the app
    • None- No page linking.

    • Click Submit when done.

    How to edit a menu item on the Profile Page?

    • Hover over the menu item you want to edit and click on the three-dot icon.
    • Click Edit to open the Edit Menu Page.

    • Edit the following details-
    • Page Name
    • Page Sub Title

    • Click Delete if you want to delete the existing icon.

    • Select a new icon from the Icon Library or click Upload Custom Icons to upload a new icon.

    • Change the existing link to another by selecting-
    • User Defined- pages you’ve created on the app
    • System Defined- already existing pages on the app.
    • Web URL- an external website link with the option to open the page outside the app.
    • None- no linking.

    • Click Submit when done.

    How to customize the Profile Page on Swipecart?

    • Click on the Settings icon.

    • Here, you can customize the style for your profile page on Swipecart.
    • Disable the Show Icon toggle switch if you don’t want to display icons for the profile page menu items.

    • Click on Edit for Login and Logout to edit their title, change the icon by selecting it from the Icon Library or upload a custom icon.

    • Click on Font Settings to edit-
    • Font Style- Change to Normal or Italic
    • Font Weight- Change the font thickness
    • Font Color- Enter RGB value, HSL, and HEX value or use the color picker to change font color
    • Icon Color- Change icon color by entering the RGB, HSL, and HEX values or using the color picker.

    • That’s it to editing and customizing the Profile Page on Swipecart.

    You can see the preview of the profile page in the preview app.