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Add content in your design
Add content in your design
Populate your app design with engaging content
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Video Tutorial of Add content in your design

  • Please go to the “Designs tab.

  • You can click on the Edit Button of the design on which you want to edit the content.

  • Once you click on Edit Design you will come to the Theme Settings for the design.

  • You can find out more about how to edit Theme Settings from here.

  • Click on the “Home tab” to start editing the page design of your application.

  • Let's drag and drop a product grid widget into the page design editor.

  • You can add products or collections by clicking on the “Add/Edit content” button on the widget.

  • Next is choosing the “Cart View”.

  • You will need to choose “Product List View” as well.

  • You can customize the "Product Detail View"

  • You can now Click on the "Update Button" to update the design and see the live preview by clicking on the “Preview Button”.

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