After you complete designing the app screen design on Swipecart, it’s time to fill out the app listing details so that we can process it further and submit it to the app store.

Let’s start with the app listing process on Swipecart.

Click the “Publish App” button on the left menu to open a tab. Here, you start filling in all the information necessary for app listing.

It opens up a page where you have to fill in all the information about your app. Relevant information is given at each point. Please follow the instruction carefully.

App Name

Select a name that represents your e-commerce store.

  • 30 characters long.

  • Simple yet catchy.

  • Try to fit in the keyword, if possible.

  • Avoid similar names that you would find in dozens in the app store.

  • Exclude generic terms, special characters, celebrity names, trademark names, and protected words.

App Subtitle

It appears below your app’s name throughout the App Store.

  • Use the subtitle to display your store’s USP or highlight features.

  • It should compel viewers to download your app or at least read the app description.

  • 30 characters in length.

  • Try inserting the keyword if you haven’t done it in the app name.


This is the email you’ll be providing to your app users if they have to contact you for any queries on the app, including features, functions, and pricing.

Company Name

Provide your company’s registered name here. The name should match with that provided while creating your Apple Developer account or Google Play Developer account.

Support URL

This link is where your app users contact you for support. Create a separate channel for app support. In case you don’t want to create a new link, add the “Contact Us” page link to your e-commerce store.

Store URL

Provide your e-commerce website link here.

Short Description

It should be a gist about what one can expect inside your app.

  • 80 character limit

  • Summarize the core purpose of your app

  • Highlight any unique aspect

  • Avoid duplication across visual and text content

  • Don’t use misleading words for sale purposes, for eg- best, top, new, #1, sale, free, try now, discount.

  • Don’t include special characters, line breaks, emojis, or repeated words.

  • Use spaces in between words

  • Use full-stop only if it contains multiple sentences

  • Don’t use capitalization for emphasis

  • Insert keyword only if it fits in

  • Reflect the latest status, for instance, a new feature added

  • Localize the description for the market

Full Description

It is here that you highlight the features of your app. Give importance to the first 2-3 lines of the description because the readers will judge whether they want to download and install your app by reading just these lines.

  • 4,000 character limit

  • Clear, concise description

  • Stick to the brand tone

  • Use bullet points or steps wherever necessary.

  • Write in a language that your target audience will understand.

  • Insert keywords where they fit naturally but avoid stuffing.

  • Don’t try to fit words to complete the character count limit.

  • Don’t mention product or service prices

  • Avoid specific terms

💡 Note: Never make misleading or false claims in the app listing content.


Keywords help the app store display your app in the results when users search by those words. Research keywords before you add them here. Add multiple keywords by pressing enter after typing each keyword in the box. The maximum character limit is 100.

Here are some tips to increase your app’s chances of discoverability:

  • Avoid using plurals of keywords that you’ve included in the singular form

  • Avoid using special characters

  • Don’t repeat the keywords

  • Don’t use category names or the word “app

  • Don’t use trademark names and protected words.

  • Don’t use illegal or offensive words

  • Don’t use keywords that are not relevant to your app

Your app may be rejected by the app store if you use improper keywords. So, get it right from the beginning itself.

Privacy Policy URL

If you have created a privacy policy page for your e-commerce website, put the same link here. If you don’t have a privacy policy, create one for your store.

Country Name

  • Select “All” from the drop-down menu if you want your app to be available across the globe.

  • Select country names from the drop-down list if you are selling products approved in only some countries.

  • Select a country’s name from the list if you want your app accessible for that country only.

Your App Store Email

This is your unique email id created when you enroll in the Apple Developer business account.

Your Play Store Email

This is your unique email id created when you enroll in the Google Play Developer business account.

App Icon

Upload your app’s icon in the top-left corner of Swipecart’s App Publish page. The image size and file size for the app icon are specified. Click on the Upload icon to upload the app icon and save.

Here are the app icon attributes:

Format: PNG

Layers: Flattened with no transparency

Shape: Square with no rounded corners.

Size: 250 x 250 px for App Store

Size: 32-bit PNG, 512 x 512 px, 1024KB maximum file size for Play Store

Contact the Swipecart team if you have any further queries.

Placeholder Image

It is a dummy image displayed when you don’t have an image for a product or collection. It is also displayed inside the product image container when the actual product image takes time to upload.

  • Placeholder image size and file size are specified.

  • Click on the upload icon to upload an image.

  • Save when done.

Launch Screen (Splash Screen)

It is the first graphical screen displayed at the beginning every time the app user opens your app. It is the introductory screen of your app. It signifies that the app user has to wait for a few seconds before they land on the next or home screen.

  • Upload with the mentioned specifications.

  • Click on the “Save” button when done.

Swipecart will take over from here.

How to track your app publish progress on Swipecart?

App Info: Fill in the app listing details as mentioned above and click on “Save”.

Info Submitted: You have submitted the app listing information to us.

Under Process: We are reviewing the app design, content, and publishing details before submitting it to the app store.

Under Review: We have submitted it to the App Store/Play Store where it is being reviewed.

App Published: Your app is now live.

The whole process from the time of app info to app publishing takes about a week. We’ll contact you to resolve queries and when the app goes live on the app store.

This completes our tutorial on how to fill out the app listing form on Swipecart.

To help you with your app listing, go through the below resources:

If you have any queries while filling in the app information, the implementation specialists at Swipecart will be always available to guide you. Please email us at [email protected] for further information.

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