To start, go to “Swipecart > App” and choose the current theme design for your app. on the top bar, select Home Tab” and click on the “Add Page” button.

Once you click on “Add Page” button a pop up to Add a page will come up. Please name the page what you want.

Add as a new page in home will add the page as a new tab item in the home page. By default this option is enabled. You can disselect this option and have the page not linked in the Home page.

Once you hit the “Submit” button the new page will be added with a blank page screen. You can drag and drop elements into the page and design is the way you like.

If the Add as a new page in home is enabled the page will show up on the app home page as a new tab item.

You can edit page name and delete page as well.

Drag to change the order of pages.

Hurray! 🎉🎉🎉

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