Widgets in Swipecart are pre-coded visual components that enable you to design or add a specific feature to your app.

For instance, the app bar, bottom navigation menu, product lists, collection grids, and other components on the app are blocks or widgets.

Swipecart allows users to customize and control the design of the app without having to code. Users have to simply pick one of the widget variants and drag and drop them into the app’s design.

Swipecart has a widget library consisting of different types of widgets. These are:

Banner Grid

  • Here, you can display products/collections/pages or URL redirected banners in pairs. Once you drop the banner on your mobile interface, you can use the ‘Add/Edit content’ option to upload content.

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Carousel Banner

  • These are ideal if you want to display 3 or more products/ categories/pages or if you want to redirect the banner to a URL.

  • You could use these banners to highlight certain products, categories, or promotions with the URL. This is a great feature to upload various images for marketing purposes.

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Collection Grid

  • Manage the visibility of collections in a layered grid format to attract customers.

  • A collection grid is ideal for showcasing collections. You can choose from 4 formats- 2 each in 4x4 and 3x3.

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Collection Slider

  • Make your customers curious to know what’s next by showing off collection sliders.

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Product Grid

  • Get more creative and highlight featured products to your customers in a grid format.

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Product List

  • There is no way your customers can miss it when you lay out products neatly in lists.

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Product Slider

  • Display products on sliders and direct customers towards what they might be interested in.

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Single Banner

  • Create a perfect banner for deals and offers and convince customers to buy instantly.

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Search Bar

  • Get customers closer to what they are searching for, and increase conversions and sales.

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  • If you are planning a time-bound promotional campaign, a timer would be ideal to evoke urgency.

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You can add these widgets to your home screen, collection list, cart view, product page, and product list screens. Basically, since Swipecart is a no-code app builder, it converts all the features of the app into multiple widget options. Users have to drag and drop these into the required screen designs.

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