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  • Search

    Get customers closer to what they are searching for, and increase conversions and sales.

    Video Tutorial of Search

    • The Search widget on Swipecart helps you to give a seamless shopping experience to app users.
    • Customers can search for products or collections and navigate to where they want easily.

    • Click on “Designs” in the left menu of your Swipecart dashboard.
    • Hover over the design where you’d want to add the Search widget and click on the "Edit" icon.

    • Click on the “Home” tab on the top bar.

    • You’ll see a drop-down box widget panel on the right section of your design dashboard.
    • Click on it to access the widget list. Select “Search” from the list.

    • Different UI variants are displayed below the drop-down box.
    • Drag and drop your preferred variant to position inside the app home design layout.

    • Hover over the dropped search widget and click on “Edit Style”.

    How to Edit Style Content of Search?

    • Radius- You can round off all four edges of your widget container.

    • Padding- Adjust the widget padding from all four sides.

    • Customize Search Bar- Enter the text to be displayed in the search bar.

    • Stroke- Select the border color and its weight.

    • Reset- Clicking on it will delete all the edits and reset the values to default.
    • Icons- You can opt to make the Search Icon or Mic Icon visible/invisible on the Search bar through the toggle switch.
    • You may have only the Mic Icon or Search Icon depending on the UI variant you select.

    • Background- Add color or image to the background of the Search bar.
    • Click on “Save” when done before you exit the popup.

    • You can see the “Preview” using the preview app.
    • Click here to learn how to preview app updates through the Swipecart mobile app on your mobile device.

    • That’s it. We’re done adding and customizing the Search widget on Swipecart.