Advice and answers from the Rentech Digital Team

  • Cart View

    A cart view displays the items added to the cart by the user. Here’s a tutorial for you to design and customize the cart view settings.

    • Swipecart gives you multiple style variants for your app’s cart screen. It also gives you the option to customize the style of the cart screen UI.

    Video Tutorial of Cart View

    On the Swipecart dashboard, hover over the design you want to edit and click on the edit icon.

    • The design dashboard opens up. Go to the ‘Cart View’ tab on the design dashboard.

    • On the right-hand side, you have different style variants for the cart view.
    • Please choose the style variant you like and click on it. This gets added to the cart view screen.

    • Hover over the screen and click on ‘Add/Edit Content’.

    • In the opened popup, you can customize the looks of the cart view.
    • Enable the ‘Additional Note’ toggle switch if you want to provide any additional information. Type in the information in the text box provided below.

    The other styling parameters you can edit are-

    • Title Alignment- Make the title left, center, or right-aligned.
    • Font Size- Increase or decrease the font size
    • Letter Spacing- To set the spacing between letters in a word
    • Font Color- Set the color with the color picker
    • Font Style- Change the font style to suit the app theme
    • Font Weight- Adjust the thickness of the font

    • Press the ‘Reset’ button if you want to delete all the edits.
    • Lastly, hit the “Save” button to update the design with the new cart view.

    • Click on “Preview” on the dashboard’s top-right to preview the updates in a Preview App and changes you make to your app design.

    • Hurray! We are done designing the cart view page on Swipecart.