The product list view is the screen that displays when a customer clicks on any option in the collection list. For example, assume that your collection list has options such as Jordan, Yeezy, Reebok, Puma, Crocs, Asics, and Converse. When a user clicks on Jordan, they are taken to the product list view which basically displays different Jordan sneakers.

Swipecart allows you to customize the look of the product list view.

To do this, click on “Designs” on the left menu of your Swipecart dashboard. Then, click on “Product List View” on the top navigation menu.

A blank product list view screen design appears at the center. On the right, you have product list variants in two formats:

  • Product List

  • Product Grid

There are more than ten styles to choose from. There are variations in the placement positions and visibility of the favorite, add to cart, product title, and product price icons.

Click on any one and it is automatically placed on the app’s product list view design. If you want to select another style, click on the widget again and the new widget automatically replaces the old one.

Here are some of the product list view styles for you.

Click on “Update” on the top right corner once you are done selecting your product list view.

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