Advice and answers from the Rentech Digital Team

  • Add/Edit Content

    Upload, replace or edit any kind of graphics that helps fulfill your goals on your mobile app. Add links to them for easier navigation.

    Video Tutorial of Add/Edit Content

    With Swipecart, you can add or edit graphics whenever needed to your app’s User Interface easily and quickly.

    When you add the required image widget to your draft app, you can then upload an image or choose a collection link that will display at the desired location on the app.

    The option to “Add/Edit Image” comes when you hover on the image widget on the draft app.

    First and foremost, name the widget and upload your image in the popup that appears.

    After this, you can add an image link that could go to-

    • A specific Product
    • A Collection
    • A Page
    • An External Link (web URL)

    By default, the internal linking option is checked.

    Choose the products, collections, or pages you’d want to link to, or add a link that’ll go to an external page (Select the ‘Open outside the app’ option for a link that’ll open with the device browser). Click on Add when done.

    If the ‘Internal Linking’ option is unchecked, you’d be able to upload only an image without a link.

    Once done, click on Save.