Keeping the currency style format the same throughout your app helps in boosting customer shopping experiences. Swipecart allows merchants to set the decimal place and currency code for the product prices. Let’s see how to do it.

  • On your Swipecart dashboard, go to App Settings on the left menu.

  • Next, click on General Settings. Here open the ‘Set Decimals in Price’ drop-down.

  • In the Currency Code section, click on the drop-down and select the relevant currency code to display next to the product price.

  • In the Decimal Points section, type in the number of places you want after the decimal point. For example, if you want the price to be displayed as 11.00, type in the number 2. For 11.0, type 1.

  • If you want to add another currency code and its decimal place, click on ‘+Add’. A new field is added. Again select the currency code and the decimal places for its display.

  • That’s it. This completes the General Settings on Swipecart.

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