Advice and answers from the Rentech Digital Team

  • Filters

    Not all items are relevent in a search query. With filters, the app user can zero down on the options relevant to him/her.

    • Let’s add the filter feature to the app. The first step in it is to click on the “App Settings” on "App" the left menu bar.

    • Clicking on the “App Settings” opens a tab with more options like General Settings, Product Variants, Filter, and Mobile App Download Popup.
    • To insert the filter feature into the app, click on “Filter”.

    • Here, you have the option to add filter categories like product size, color, price, and others. For instance, let’s start by adding a product size filter.
    • Name the filter category as US Size and click on “+ Add Tag” to start adding different product sizes.
    • Enter the tag label and value each time and finally save the changes made.

    Repeat the process to add different filter categories of your products.