Advice and answers from the Rentech Digital Team

  • Mobile App Download Popup

    Design attractive mobile app download popups on Swipecart as a part of your campaign to encourage website visitors to download your app.

    Video Tutorial of Edit Style

    With this feature, you can advertise your e-commerce mobile app on your existing website for both desktop and mobile visitors. You could encourage your customers to download and transact on your e-commerce mobile app with a promotion campaign.

    • Clicking on the “App Settings” opens a tab with more options like General Settings, Product Variants, Filter and Mobile App Download Popup.

    • To do this, go to Swipecart “App Settings > Mobile app download app”.

    • Now, Turn on the “Desktop Toggle” to show the pop-up in the desktop view. You also have the option to show the same popup on your website’s mobile view.

    • Here, choose the exact location of the mobile app popup on your desktop screen in the ‘Position’ drop-down. You can set the position left or right to the bottom.

    • Add a catchy Main Title and Sub Title for the main popup to encourage downloads.

    • In the bottom popup drop-down, "upload your logo" and then add a catchy title for the button popup.

    • Now to the down, Open color setting and adjust the color for the popup Background and Font color for the text.
    • Once done, click on “Save”.

    Once when you competed with the desktop popup you can also set the popup for the mobile view of the website. Let's dive into it.

    • Click on the “Mobile” tab.

    • Now, Turn on the “Mobile Toggle” to show the pop-up in the Mobile view.

    • Then, Open ‘Position’ drop-down. Here you can set the position of the popup within the mobile area at the top, Center, and bottom of the screen.

    • Set the frequency time which will be in the day, this will show a popup on your eCommerce website in every particular timeframe of the day.

    • Upload your logo, and add a catchy title and sub-title for the popup. Then add effective CTA for the Button.

    • Last, Open the color setting and adjust the color for the popup background and the Font color for the text. And also adjust the color of the button compared to the background popup color

    Click “Save” and your mobile app download popup will now automatically show whenever someone visits your eCommerce website on their desktops or smartphones.