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  • How to integrate Yotpo Reviews to Swipecart

    Convert your customer reviews into sales on your app.

    Video Tutorial of Yotpo Reviews

    What is Yotpo Reviews?

    Yotpo Reviews is an AI-based tool to collect customer reviews and ratings on products and display them on your app.

    How Yotpo Reviews + Swipecart will help you?

    Bring all the reviews and ratings collected online from customers into your Swipecart app with Yopto Reviews. Show it on product pages, home pages, or anywhere to increase trust and influence the shopping decision of buyers.

    How to connect Yotpo Reviews to your Swipecart app?

    If you have a Yotpo Reviews subscription, you can connect it to your Swipecart app. Let’s start with the integration process.

    • On your Shopify/WordPress admin, navigate to Apps/Plugins.
    • Find and click on “Yotpo Reviews”.
    • Click on the “Settings” tab. You’ll find your Yotpo app key at the bottom of the General Settings section. Copy this API key.

    • Now, in the Swipecart dashboard, click on “Integrations” in the left menu.

    • On the Integrations page, click on Yotpo Reviews.

    • Paste the API key into the respective field on the Swipecart Yotpo Reviews page.

    • Save and enable and it’s done.