Advice and answers from the Rentech Digital Team

  • Banner Slider

    Display multiple banners in slider format to increase app engagement and customer shopping experiences.

    Video Tutorial of Banner Grid

    • For this, go to “Designs”.

    • Hover over the design where you’d want to add the banner slider and choose “Edit”.
    • Click on the “Home” tab on the top bar.

    • You’ll see a widget panel on the right-hand side with different widget options. Choose “Banner Slider” from the drop-down list.

    • Banner Slider widget has multiple UI.

    • You can drag and drop from widget options and Select the UI variant you want to use with your application.

    • Once you finalize the view you can hover over the design section and see the button to “Add/Edit Content”.

    • Clicking on “Add/Edit Content” will open up a pop-up.

    How to Add/Edit Content of Banner Slider?

    • Upload image/video: Upload an image or video to the banner grid.

    • Internal Linking: With this, you can add an image link that will go to-
    • Product
    • Collection
    • Page
    • External Link (web URL)
    • Choose the product, collection, or page you’d want to link to, or add a link to an external page (Select the “Open outside the app” option for a link that’ll open with the device browser). Click on “Add” when done.

    • If the “Internal Linking” option is unchecked, you’d be able to upload only an image without a link

    • Once done, click on “Save Banner”.

    • Once you’ve uploaded your banner slider, there will be an “Edit Style” option below Add/Edit Image.

    How to Edit Style Content of Banner Slider?

    • An “Edit Style” popup opens. Here, you can customize the following style parameters for the banner slider:
    • Radius
    • Padding
    • Container padding
    • Widget Title
    • Images
    • Background
    • Box Shadow
    • Adjust these variables as per your app theme. You can preview the changes as and when you work on it on your right of the “Edit Style” popup screen.

    • Click “Save” when done.

    • You can see the “Preview” using the preview app.
    • Click here to learn how to preview app updates through the Swipecart mobile app on your mobile device.