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  • Inviting Swipecart to your Google Developer Account

    Invite Swipecart to your Google Play Developer Account to move your project one step closer to completion.

    We need an invite to your Developer Accounts so that we can submit your application to the store on your part.

    You will need to invite us as a Release (Launch) Manager to your Google Developer Account.

    Step 1: Navigate to Users & Permissions in the Google Play Console's Settings section.

    Step 2: Click Invite New User to invite Swipecart.

    Step 3: On the "Invite a new user" screen, enter as the email address & then uncheck the Access Expiry box.

    Click Add App & tick the Select All box under App Permissions. When you're finished, click Invite user.

    After selecting Account Permissions --> Admin --> Invite user —> Send Invite


    Within one working day, we will confirm your invitation & publish the application to the Google Play Store. Google will approve your app within 7-10 working days.

    If you have any queries regarding how to create your Google Play Developer account

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