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  • Inviting Swipecart to your Apple Developer Account

    In a few easy steps, invite Swipecart to your Developer Accounts.

    We will require access to your Developer Accounts in order to submit the store's application on your part.

    In order to keep things legitimate & free of fraudsters, Apple's methods can be a little complicated. That also is where their prestige is rooted.

    Apple Developer Accounts are classified into two types:

    Individuals or sole proprietors- In this the Apps are published under the personal forename of the developer.

    Accounts for the Organization Apps are listed under the legal business name of the organization. During the enrolling procedure, businesses & educational institutions must give a D-U-N-S Number (which is free) that is registered to their legal organization.

    For Individual Account:

    Individual accounts will require you to provide us permission to the Apple App Store Connect website & set up an Apple Developer Account. Apple App Store Connect is where we will publish images & store descriptions as well as connect with Apple.

    In order to send the invitation,

    Step 1: Open App Store Connect.

    Step 2: Click on "Users and Access."

    Step 3: In the Users & Access section, under iTunes Connect users, click the "+" symbol.

    Step 4: In the dialogue box on the screen, enter the information that is given below:

    First Name: Swipecart

    Last name: Team

    Email ID:

    Make sure the role is set to Admin & click Invite.

    • Simply notify us once you've issued the invite for Apple Developer Account creation.

    • Important 💡
    • Once the Apple Developer account has been set up, we should be able to upload the app within one business day. Apple must approve the application on the App Store within 24-48 hours.

    Organization Account

    To invite Swipecart to your Apple Developer Account, follow the instructions below (Organization account)

    Step 1: Log in to with your Apple Developer Account.

    Step 2: Go to the Overview section and select People.

    Step 3: In the People area, click "Go to App Store Connect."

    Step 4: Navigate to Users & Access in App Store Connect.

    Step 5: Click on the "+" button you will see here.

    Step 6: In the dialogue box on your screen, enter the information listed below.

    First Name: Swipecart

    Last name: Team

    Email ID:

    Make sure the role is set to Admin & click Invite.

    Important 💡

    Please keep in mind that once you submit the invite, we will upload the app within one business day, and Apple typically takes 24-48 hours to approve the app on the App Store.

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