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  • How can I resolve the Authentication Issues in my Swipecart App?

    This tutorial outlines the methods needed to resolve Swipecart app authentication issues.

    Sometimes you may get messages such as

    "Sorry, you are not allowed to do that.", "No route was found matching the URL and request method." or "You're not Authorized".

    Let’s see how to resolve these issues quickly.

    When does this happen?

    There are various possibilities for getting these messages. Some of them are-

    • The app is not installed properly.
    • The WordPress Server didn't respond to our Swipecart Web Application.
    • WooCommerce is not enabled.
    • SSL or insecure site.

    How to resolve authentication issues on the Swipecart app?

    Here, let’s see how to resolve the issue when you get the above-mentioned messages.

    • Just Go to the Plugin page of the WordPress Dashboard.
    • and search for Swipecart and Select its Settings.

    • If you're Shop Manager then you can go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Integrations -> Swipecart Integration->Reveal Tokens.

    That's it. If it's still not working correctly, try this method.

    • Click on the Swipecart menu on the left panel of your WordPress dashboard.
    • Go to Designs on your Swipecart dashboard and go to the theme where you facing the issue.
    • Click on the edit icon. Once inside the theme, click on ‘Save’ and update it.

    • You’re done solving the authentication issue.
    • Reach out to our customer support if you're still facing the issue.
    • Thanks !!