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  • How to Transfer Play Store Apps to a Different Play Store Developer Account

    Learn how to transfer an existing published app to a different Google developer account

    There are situations when you require to deploy a new app to the Play Store or migrate an existing app to a different Google developer account.

    Google offers an app transfer tool that lets you transfer a published app to another account.

    For the process, you will require both (old & new) active Play Store Developer account information as well as a Google App Transfer Form. Let's look at how to transfer an Android application to a different account in just few easy steps:

    Step 1- Go to Google Developer App transfer site, and review Google's policy guidelines. While reviewing ensure that both the Accounts in which the app is currently active and the account in which you want to transfer the app both adhere to Google’s policy guidelines.

    Step 2- As per Google’s app transfer procedure, you can download the reports that you may require later.

    Step 3- Ascertain that both developer accounts remain currently registered and active. Both accounts must be registered & operational before you may submit a transfer request from your original Google Developer Account to the recipient's Account (also known as target account).

    You must be able to sign in to your original account. Here the registration is completed for the recipient's account but if you see a message “Why can’t I publish” in the app header, review the information and fulfill the missing information.

    Step 4- Locate the necessary information that is required for both the Original and the Target account.

    • You must be aware of the existing account (ID and password) to which the application was distributed.
    • Click here to access your Google Play Console account and obtain the essential information.

    • You must also have the recipient account (ID, password) to which you wish to move the application.
    • Your recipient account transaction ID is also required.
    • Click here to access Google Payment Center to view account transaction details.

    The Transaction ID is found on the Receipt that Google sends to the account owner when they initially join in the Google developer program. To get the transaction ID, look in your email inbox for the phrase developer registration fee.

    Important Note:

    > We will be requiring your developer account id & transaction id

    > A $25 USD registration fee is required when registering a new Target Account. If you choose to terminate the Original Account once the transfer has been completed, you can contact Google's support staff, who will reimburse the registration money for that account.

    If you are unable to locate the Transaction ID email receipt:

    • Sign in to Google Payments using the email address associated with the account for which you require the Transaction ID.
    • Select Activity from the left menu.
    • Locate and select the transaction of the developer account registration. If you have a large number of transactions, you may search for "Google Play Developer" in your transactions.
    • At the bottom of the transaction details, you can see your Transaction ID.

    If your application is a paid app or offers in-app purchases, you must meet additional requirements.

    Trying to transfer paid applications or apps with in-app purchases requires the Recipient's Account to have an active payment profile.

    If you want to migrate an application into an account that uses a distinct default currency than your Original Account, you must meet the following two conditions:

    • Only in-app purchases: The Target Account's owner must enter a price in the new default currency for every in-app product. The app will be unpublished after being transferred to the Target Account till the operator of the Target Account publishes it again. Once the Target Account owner has validated the revised prices in his account, they can republish the application.

    • Paid apps: The default currency modifications will be applied to application pricing automatically.

    Tip: If you're solely migrating free applications or have finished the previous stages, proceed to the next.

    Step 5- Simply select the blue letter [Submit transfer request] once you have successfully completed all the steps.

    The transfer requests will be reviewed & addressed by Google's support staff within two business days. Google will conduct the rest of the transfer procedure after the transfer request has been authorized.

    Do you still have questions? Not a problem! Please contact us and we will happily assist you!