Advice and answers from the Rentech Digital Team

  • Social links

    The social media widget redirects customers from the app to your social media channel profiles.

    Video Tutorial of Social links

    • Get customers who install and use your app to follow your brand’s social media profiles with the Social Links widget. It simply redirects them to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and other channels to help increase followers and loyalty.
    • For this, go to “Designs”.

    • Hover over the design where you’d want to add the "Social Links widget". Click on the “Edit” option.

    • Click on the “Home” tab on the top bar.

    • You’ll see a widget panel on the right-hand side with different widget options.
    • Click on it to access the widget list. Choose “Social Links” from the drop-down list.
    • Drag and drop this into the home screen design.

    • Hover over the dropped widget to locate the “Add/Edit Content” option.

    • Clicking on “Add/Edit Content” will open a popup.

    How to Add/Edit Content of Social links?

    • The popup has a “Platform” drop-down box. Click on it to access the social media channel list.

    • Select any social media channel from the list. Now add your brand’s specific social media URL in the “URL” box. Click on “Add”. The URL is now linked to the social media icon.

    • Repeat the process to add more social media links

    • To add any custom link, click on the “Platform” drop-down box. Select “+Add Custom” from the list.

    • Type the platform name. Next, click on the Upload Icon to upload and add a relevant image from the local system.

    • Next, add the specific URL in the “URL” box. Click on “Add”.

    • A new platform icon with the link is now added to your Social Media widget.

    • Click on “Save” before you exit the popup.

    • Once you’ve uploaded the social media links, you can customize the look of the widget. For this, hover over the widget again and click on the “Edit Style” option below “Add/Edit Content”.

    How to Edit Style Content of Social links?

    • Here, you can edit-
    • Radius
    • Padding
    • Container Padding
    • Background (Color, Image, None)
    • Font color
    • Title Alignment

    • Adjust these variables as per your design format. You can check the preview in real-time to your right of the “Edit Style” popup screen.

    • Click “Save” when done.

    • Use the Preview option to preview the changes done to your app design.

    • That’s it. You are done adding the Social Media widget to your app!