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  • How to activate and install the Multi-Currency plugin on Swipecart?

    This plugin helps you to accept multi-currency payments for your store and set currency based on customer location.

    The Multi-Currency plugin on Swipecart helps you launch your app to an international audience. This plugin will help you provide a shopper-friendly, localized user experience on your app.

    With the Multi-Currency plugin on Swipecart, you can-

    • Reach out to a wider audience
    • Reduce buyer confusion
    • Close sales faster
    • Improve customer conversions

    Here’s how to install and activate the Multi-Currency plugin on Swipecart.

    • On your Swipecart dashboard, click on “Plugins” in the left menu.

    • You’ll see a list of “Your Active Plugins” and “All Plugins”. The Multi-Currency plugin is in the list of “All Plugins”.
    • Click on Multi-Currency to go to its plugin details page.

    • On the Multi-Currency plugin detail page, you have a brief introduction to the plugin.
    • Click on the “Install” button. The Multi-Currency plugin is now installed on your Swipecart app.

    • Let’s set some features in the Multi-Currency plugin.

    💡 Note:

    • Shopify users have to only install the plugin. Any changes in the currency feature can only be made on their Shopify store admin.
    • The changes they make on the store are reflected on the Swipecart app
    • In a WooCommerce store, the merchants must select the desired currency in their admin which will be set as the default currency for their store
    • Hence, this plugin is available for only WooCommerce store merchants.

    Change Default Currency: When you enable it, the currency is set based on the user’s location. Disabling it will mean that the default currency is shown.

    Select Payment Currencies: Through this feature, you select the currencies in which you will accept payments. It is particularly useful when you want to limit the currencies that you’ll accept or not accept the currencies of some countries.

    Round-Off Currency Value: Make it easy to process payments by rounding off the converted currency to its nearest tens. If you check “No rounding”, the currency will be kept as it is. You have the option to round off to a higher digit by checking the “Floor up” and to a lower digit by checking the “Floor down” option.

    • Click on “Save” when done.