The Render View (360) plugin on Swipecart allows your customers to see a 360-degree view of the products.

It increases their level of interactivity and assures them of the product’s quality and appearance.

With the Render View (360) plugin on Swipecart, you can-

  • Improve shopping experiences

  • Reduce product returns

  • Increase app engagement

  • Boost conversion & sales

Here’s how to install and activate the Render View (360) plugin on Swipecart.

  • On your Swipecart dashboard, click on “Plugins” in the left menu.

  • You’ll see a list of “Your Active Plugins” and “All Plugins”. The Render View (360) plugin is in the list of “All Plugins”.

  • Click on Render View (360) to go to its plugin details page.

  • On the Render View (360) plugin detail page, you have a brief introduction to the plugin.

  • Click on the “Install” button. The Render View (360) plugin is now installed on your Swipecart app.

  • Next, you fill in the information needed for product spin. In the “Images For Spin” box, enter the number of images you’ll be providing to spin the product.

💡 Note:

  • You need 36 product images suitable for the product spin. These are fetched from your e-commerce store.

  • Enter the images available in a single row.

  • Enter the product meta key (from your e-commerce store)

  • Click on “Save” to get the spin image of your product.

Hurray! 🥳

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