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  • How to install Swipecart in WordPress?

    Learn how to install the Swipecart plugin on the WordPress platform.

    Swipecart is a no-code app builder which can be used to build a feature-rich mobile app for your WordPress e-commerce website.

    • The requirements to install the Swipecart plugin on WordPress are as follows-
    • CPU Memory: 2GB
    • SSL Certificates (https:// secured)
    • WordPress Version: 4.9+
    • Dependent Plugins
    • WooCommerce

    • Let’s now see how to install the Swipecart plugin on WordPress.

    There are two methods, one by file (.zip) upload and the other through WordPress dashboard installation.

    Method 1(By uploading .zip file):-

    • After downloading the plugin sign in to WordPress. It uses https://{SITENAME}/wp-admin as the admin URL
    • Login to your admin dashboard. Make sure you have logged in through Administrator capability.

    • In the left-hand menu, select ‘Plugins’. Click on ‘Add New’ at top of the page.

    • Select ‘Upload Plugin’. Select ‘Choose File’.

    • Locate and select the downloaded Swipecart .zip file on your local computer and then select ‘Open’.
    • Click on ‘Install Now’.

    Method 2 (direct installation):-

    • You also can install Swipecart directly on WordPress without having to download the .zip file.
    • Go to your WordPress admin dashboard and click on ‘Add New’ under the ‘Plugin’ menu.

    • Now search for the Swipecart plugin and proceed to install and activate it.

    💡 Note: Swipecart will not work properly if you get messages like-

    • We don’t provide support for non-SSL (insecure) Websites.
    • The following required plugin is currently inactive: WooCommerce

    See attached images for more information.

    • The Swipecart plugin will run smoothly if the above-mentioned requirements are met.
    • Enable auto-update by clicking on the ‘Enable auto-updates’ button in the plugin list.

    • This will keep your Swipecart plugin updated. See the attached image for more information or just refer to the next image to proceed.