Advice and answers from the Rentech Digital Team

  • Language Setting

    Reach new audiences in their local language and boost the visibility of your app.

    • The Language Setting on Swipecart allows you to change the app content into multiple languages to reach a global audience.
    • Swipecart has the feature to let store owners change the app content from one language to another automatically.
    • You also have the option to manually input the translated text for a keyword to make the translation more fine and accurate.
    • The Language Setting feature is locked if you haven’t installed the Multi-language Switcher plugin on Swipecart.

    • Once you install this plugin, the Language Setting feature on Swipecart gets unlocked.
    • You can now choose the languages in which you want the translation.
    • For words that are not translated, you can manually change them and it gets reflected on the app.

    • Click here for details on how to install the Multi-language Switcher plugin on Swipecart and make changes in the Language Setting.
    • That’s it. You have now enabled the Language Setting feature on Swipecart.