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  • Adding Products & Collections to swipecart

    Read this tutorial to fix product-not-showing or collection-categories-not-showing issues on your Swipecart dashboard.

    Are the product and collection lists not showing up on your Swipecart dashboard?

    No worries! We have you covered.

    Swipecart fetches the entire product list including the collection categories from your Shopify dashboard. For this, you have to enable permissions on your Shopify store.

    If the permission is disabled, you’ll not see any products or collection categories on your Swipecart dashboard. Let’s see how to solve this issue on Swipecart through your Shopify store.

    How to fix the “Products Not Showing” issue for Swipecart?

    You begin by signing in on your Shopify dashboard.

    Next, click on Products.

    Page 1 of the product list is displayed.

    Select all products on the page by checking the box next to the Product title.

    💡 Note: If you want only some of your products to be available on the Swipecart app, check the box for those products instead of selecting all.

    After all the products on the page are selected, navigate to “More Actions” and click on the drop-down menu.

    Here, select the “All available channel(s)” option.

    Check the “Swipecart-Mobile App” button and click on “Make Products Available”.

    Now, repeat the same steps for the remaining product list pages.

    That’s it. All your products will now be available on Swipecart.

    If you want to enable one product at a time, click on that product to open its product detail page.

    Navigate to the “Manage” button next to SALES CHANNELS AND APPS. Check the “Swipecart-Mobile App” box and click on “Done”.

    Now, this product will be available for the Swipecart app.

    How to make collection categories available for Swipecart?

    Now, let us make the collection categories available for creating an app on Swipecart.

    On your Shopify dashboard, click on Products -> Collections on the left menu.

    The collection list is displayed. Check the box next to “Title” if you want to select all the categories or check on individual category boxes.

    Navigate to the “Availability” option and click on the drop-down icon. Here, click on the “Available on Swipecart-Mobile App” option.

    That’s it. Now, these collection categories are available for Swipecart.

    💡 Note: Repeat the same steps for all collection category paginations.

    Repeat the above processes when you add new collection categories or products to your Shopify store. The sync process may take up to two hours or more.

    Enjoy creating an app for your Shopify store on Swipecart. Create apps fast without having to code.