Video Tutorial of Klarna

What is Klarna?

  • Klarna’s payment solution offers shoppers the ability to buy what they love online without paying the bill upfront.

  • Klarna pays it to the merchants while the customers pay Klarna in easy installments.

How Klarna + Swipecart will help you?

  • Klarna helps customers to shop on your app and manage purchases by spreading the cost interest-free in four easy installments.

  • By integrating Klarna into your app, you can increase the average order value by over 45%. Add the power to pay later on your app with a quick and simple Klarna integration on Swipecart.

How to connect Klarna to your Swipecart app?

  • If you already have a Klarna subscription on Shopify/WordPress, you can connect it to your Swipecart app. Let’s start the integration process.

  • Click on “Integrations” on the left menu of your Swipecart dashboard.

  • On the Integrations page, click on “Klarna” in the All Integrations section.

  • You’ll be taken to the Klarna Integration details page. Click on the “Integrate” button at the top-right corner of the page.

  • You’ll get a popup to confirm the integration. Click on “Install”.

  • The Klarna tool is now integrated into your app on Swipecart.

  • You can now use Klarna in your app.

  • For this, go to your app layout and the Product Detail View tab. Here, scroll down in the right section of your screen to locate the Installment Provider Block.

  • Drag and drop it to position inside the Product Detail View screen.

  • Hover over it and click on “Edit Style”. Here, you’ll find the Klarna tool together with other installment integration tools, if any. Enable the Klarna toggle switch.

  • Here, you have two tags.

    • {NO_OF_TERMS}- The number of installment terms

    • {PRICE}- The payment for each term

  • These values are fetched from your e-commerce store.

  • Edit the style of text in the text box provided. You can also adjust the logo orientation.

    The changes you make are available for preview in the right section of the “Edit Style” popup itself. Save the changes before you exit.

  • That’s it. Klarna is now integrated into your app on Swipecart.

  • You can preview your Integration in your app.

  • Click here to learn how to preview app updates through the Swipecart mobile app on your mobile device.

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