Advice and answers from the Rentech Digital Team

  • Text Marquee

    Highlight messages such as offers or information with a sliding text marquee.

    Video Tutorial of Text Marquee

    • For this, go to ‘Designs’.
    • Hover over the design where you want to add the text marquee and click on the "Edit" to edit the design.

    • Now, click on the “Home” tab on the top navigation bar.

    • Click on a widget drop-down box consisting of the widget list on the right side of your screen.

    • Scroll down and select “Text Marquee" from the drop-down list.

    • A marquee widget is displayed just below the drop-down box.

    • Drag and drop this widget and place it in position inside the app’s home screen.

    • Once you finalize the view, hover over it and click on the button “Add/Edit Content”.

    How to Add/Edit Content of Text Marquee?

    • Marquee Text: In this text box, enter the message you want to display.

    • Internal Linking: If you check this box, you can link the marquee to-
    • Product
    • Collection
    • Any other app page
    • External website URL.
    • Choose the product, collection, or page you’d want to link to, or add a External URL to an external page (Select the “Open outside the app” option for a link that’ll open with the device browser).

    • If the text is just for information purposes, uncheck the Internal Linking option.
    • Click on “Save” when done.

    • Once you’ve added the text, hover over it again and click on “Edit Style” to customize the style of the text marquee widget to suit the app’s theme.

    How to Edit Style Content of Text Marquee?

    • Here, you can customize the following parameters for the text marquee widget:
    • Container Padding- Adjust the top and bottom padding for the text marquee box.
    • Marquee Speed- To adjust the speed of the text sliding on the marquee
    • Reverse Direction- Enabling the toggle switch will make the text slide in the reverse direction.
    • Font Size- Enter the font size in pixels.
    • Letter Spacing- Enter the space between the alphabets in pixels.
    • Background color- Select the background color with the color picker tool.
    • Font color- Select the font color for the text with the color picker tool.
    • Click “Save” when done.

    • To copy the same widget elsewhere on the app’s home screen, hover over it and click on “Copy Block”. The block is copied.

    • To paste the widget, hover over it and click on “Paste Block”.

    • A similar text marquee widget is now displayed below the original one.

    • Drag it to position anywhere on the app’s screen.

    • To remove the block, hover over it and click on “Remove Block”. The text marquee is deleted from the app’s home screen.

    • Click on “Preview” on the dashboard’s top-right to preview the updates in a Preview App and changes you make to your app design.