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  • How to install and activate the Multi-language plugin on Swipecart?

    Reach new audiences in their local language and boost the visibility of your app.

    Video Tutorial of Multi-language

    The Multi-language Switcher plugin on Swipecart automatically detects the text and changes it to your preferred language. You also have the option to manually input the translated text for a keyword to make the translation more fine and accurate.

    With the Multi-language Switcher plugin on Swipecart, you can-

    • Reach a specific local audience
    • Improve customer engagement
    • Increase app visibility on the app store
    • Boost conversion & sales

    Here’s how to install and activate the Multi-language Switcher plugin on Swipecart.

    • On your Swipecart dashboard, click on “Plugins” in the left menu.
    • You’ll see a list of “Your Active Plugins” and “All Plugins”.

    • The Language Switcher plugin is in the list of “All Plugins”.
    • Click on the Multi-language Switcher plugin to go to its plugin details page.
    • On the Multi-language Switcher plugin detail page, you have a brief introduction to the plugin.

    • Click on the “Install” button.
    • The Multi-language Switcher plugin is now installed on your Swipecart app.

    • Let’s activate the plugin now.
    • On the left menu of your Swipecart dashboard, click on App Settings -> Language Setting.
    • Here, choose the languages in which you want the translation.
    • You can choose as many languages as you want.
    • The content in the app is translated into the selected language.

    💡 Note : If you haven’t installed the language in your Shopify store, you won’t see the option on the mobile app even if you’ve added it to Swipecart.

    • For words that are not translated, you can upload the original text and its translated text in CSV format from your system file.

    • To do it manually one at a time, click on “+Add Keyword”. Enter the original text and its translated text.

    • The app then automatically searches for the keywords and replaces them with the translated text.
    • Set one language as default for your app by selecting it and checking the ‘Set as Default Language’ box.

    💡 Note: You can change the default language at any time after the app is live. But since the app needs to be republished, it’ll take at least 6-7 days for the changes to reflect on it.

    • Click on “Save” when done.


    • The T Lab- AI Language Translate tool is necessary for the Multi-language Switcher plugin to work successfully.
    • Integrate it into your app soon after you complete installing the Multi-language Switcher plugin.
    • Click here to know how to integrate the T Lab-AI Language Translate tool into Swipecart.

    That’s it. Congratulations.

    You have now successfully installed and activated the Language Switcher plugin for your app.

    Continue to create an amazing app for your e-commerce store on Swipecart.