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The Swipe Mode feature on Swipecart is used to boost the shopping experience of your customers on the app.

Customers will enjoy the swiping experience and stay longer on the app which will ultimately result in more sales.

With the Swipe Mode plugin, you can:

  • Enhance shopping experience

  • Extend the app engagement time

  • Increase customer retention rate

  • Boost customer loyalty

  • Drive conversions and sales

πŸ’‘ Note: The Swipe Mode feature is available for Enterprise plan subscribers only.

Here’s how to install and activate the Swipe Mode plugin on Swipecart

  • On your Swipecart dashboard, click on β€œPlugins” in the left menu.

  • You’ll see a list of β€œYour Current Plugins” and β€œAll Plugins”.

  • The Swipe Mode plugin is in the list of β€œAll Plugins”.

  • Click on Swipe Mode to go to its plugin details page.

  • On the Swipe Mode plugin detail page, you have a brief introduction to the plugin.

  • Click on the β€œInstall” button.

  • The Swipe Mode plugin is now installed on your Swipecart app.

  • Go to Layouts on your Swipecart dashboard.

  • Hover over the design you want to edit. Click on the edit icon.

  • It opens the design layout.

  • Click on β€˜Swipe Mode’ on the top navigation menu.

  • Select the collection categories where you want the Swipe Mode to be activated.

  • Click on β€˜Continue’. The Swipe Mode is now active.

  • Your customers get the option to turn on the Swipe Mode feature when they shop on your app.

  • The product gets added to the wishlist when a user swipes right on the product detail view page.

  • The product gets added to the cart when they swipe it down.

  • Swiping left means they disliked the product.

Video Tutorial of swipe mode

  • You can Preview your app with the Swipecart preview app.

That’s it.

Continue to create an amazing app for your e-commerce store on Swipecart.

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