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  • How to integrate Order Limits - MinMaxify into Swipecart?

    Streamline the implementation of restrictions on your store’s cart ordering process.

    What is Order Limits - MinMaxify?

    Order Limits - MinMaxify is a tool helpful for merchants to apply restrictions for an entire cart, specific products, or a group of products. Through this, you can set the minimum and maximum limits on the customers’ carts.

    Benefits of integrating Order Limits - MinMaxify with Swipecart

    By integrating Order Limits - MinMaxify into your Swipecart app, you make the conditional and limitation cart rules clear for customers to deliver a seamless shopping experience. The integration is straightforward and requires no coding or maintenance.

    • Apply restrictions or a product, group of products, or entire cart.
    • Limit items for free, sales, or shipping.
    • Remind customers automatically to add/remove from cart before they proceed to checkout.

    Steps to integrate Order Limits - MinMaxify with Swipecart

    • To begin with, navigate to Add-ons -> Integrations on Swipecart.

    • Click Order Limits - MinMaxify in the All Integrations section.

    • You’ll be redirected to the Order Limits - MinMaxify detail page.

    • Here, click Integrate and confirm the integration by tapping Install.

    Order Limits - MinMaxify is now integrated into your Swipecart app. Customers get a popup about the conditions you set when they add items to the cart or at checkout.

    For any inquiries about Order Limits - MinMaxify integration, we encourage you to get in touch with our implementation specialist or contact our support team.

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