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  • How to invite and add member to my Firebase project

    This tutorial is about how to invite members to your Firebase project to collaborate on a project.

    • You can leverage the Firebase permission interface to invite your team members to work and collaborate with you.
    • Using a firewall invites your team to your projects and offers a role to each invitee depending on the level of access required to be given so that they can test everything for you.

    Let us quickly check how to invite member to the Firebase project:

    Step 1: Visit the link and click on “Go to Console” to enter into your Firebase Console Account.

    Step 2: Once you log in you will see “Welcome to Firebase” on the page and below that you will find an option to “Add Project”.

    Step 3- Click on “Add Project” and type the name of your project then click on the “Create Project” button below.

    Step 4- As the project is created you will enter it into the dashboard.

    Now to invite members to your project.

    For that, you need to configure some Firebase features on the app.

    Step 5- In the dashboard, you will see a gear icon, click on that and a dialogue box will appear select “Select Users and Permissions” from the dialogue box.

    Step 6- A new window will appear, requesting you to enter the email address of the member you wish to invite as well as the role that member will serve throughout your project.

    Step 7- Use the email address of the member and select the "Owner" role to ensure that we (the member) have access to everything that we require to verify that your app functions properly and every single feature performs as planned.

    Then click the “Done” button at the bottom of the dialogue box.

    After that, we will receive an invitation to manage your Firebase Project, and we are done with the process..!!!