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  • How to set up a Twilio account for COD user verification

    Read this tutorial to set up your account on Twilio for user verification and validation for COD purposes.

    Twilio is a cloud communication platform that can be used to get information on user phone numbers for validation and verification during the Cash on Delivery (COD) process. It helps merchants to reduce fraud.

    Twilio Messaging API can be used to send and receive SMS messages for your COD (Cash on Delivery) verification purposes. It is used for user verification on an ongoing basis via SMS. You have to set up a Twilio account to activate your COD Verification plugin on Swipecart.

    How to set up an account on Twilio for user verification?

    • Click on this link to open your free trial account:
    • Fill in details like the first name, last name, email id, and password and login to your Twilio account.
    • Click on “Get Started With Twilio” to set up your account.
    • Scroll down to the “Account Info” section. Here, you can view your Account SID, Auth Token number, and the newly generated ‘My Twilio phone number’. All three are required to enable the COD Verification plugin on Swipecart.

    How to upgrade your account on Twilio?

    • Click on the “Upgrade” tab on the top header of your Twilio dashboard. Fill in all the details required for account upgrade and payment. You have now upgraded your Twilio account from a free to a paid version.

    • After upgrading, go to Settings -> Geo permissions. Select the countries where you need to send SMS and click Save geo permissions.

    • 💡 NOTE: You have to upgrade your Twilio account to enable using it to receive SMS notifications and user verification for the COD Verification plugin on Swipecart.

    • Now, click here for information on how to install and activate the COD Verification plugin on Swipecart.
    • That’s it. You have now successfully created an account on Twilio needed for COD verification on your Swipecart app.