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  • How to integrate Shopify Reviews into Swipecart

    Power your online growth and strengthen customer relationships by integrating Shopify Reviews into your Swipecart app.

    What is Shopify Reviews?

    • Product Reviews is an integration tool for your app to collect reviews from customers and display them on your product pages to make the buying decision easy for customers.

    Benefits of Shopify Reviews integration

    • Add power to your Swipecart app by integrating the Product Reviews tool.
    • Manage reviews
    • Import reviews
    • Widgets to match the app theme
    • Drive more revenue and increase customer lifetime value by displaying curated reviews prominently on the app.

    Steps to integrate Shopify Reviews into your Swipecart app

    Let’s start the Shopify Reviews integration process into Swipecart.

    • Click on Integrations on the left sidebar of your Swipecart dashboard.

    • Click on Shopify Reviews in the All Integrations section.

    • Click on the Integrate button on the Shopify Reviews integration detail page.

    • You’ll get a popup to confirm the integration. Click on Install.

    The Product Reviews tool is now integrated into your app on Swipecart.

    How to use Shopify Reviews on Swipecart?

    • Go to your app design and the Product Detail View tab.

    • Drag and drop the Reviews block inside the Product Detail View screen.

    • Hover and click on Edit Style.

    • Here, you’ll find display variations. Select the display style you want.

    • Click on Save.

    That’s it. The Product Reviews is now integrated into your app on Swipecart.