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  • How to Use Automation On Swipecart?

    Set automated workflows on your Swipecart app to increase productivity and boost sales by using the Automation feature on Swipecart.

    What is the Automation feature on Swipecart?

    • The Automation feature on Swipecart allows you to set some automated workflows for your app.
    • For instance, scheduling push notifications or abandoned cart popups.
    • This feature increases productivity and helps you to boost sales.

    How to use the Automation feature?

    • Click on Automation in the sidebar of your Swipecart dashboard.
    • All the created automation is listed on the Automations page.

    How to Create Automation

    • Click on Create Automation to create a new automation.

    • Type the title and description in the popup and click Submit.

    • It gets added to the Automation page.

    How to set a trigger for automation

    • Click Add Trigger to add a trigger for the automation.

    • Triggers can be-
    • When a user is added to a segment
    • When a user adds something to the cart
    • When an order is placed
    • When the order status changes
    • Select any of the above triggers and click Apply Trigger.

    • The selected trigger is added to the created new Trigger.

    How to add action to the trigger in Automation

    • Click on the + button to add actions to the trigger.

    • You can choose two actions-
    1. Delay
    2. Push notification

    How to set Delay action for a trigger in Automation

    • Select any duration from the predefined drop-down or type in any custom duration in minutes/hours/days/weeks for the delay.

    • Check the Skip Weekends box if you do not want the action to be performed on weekends.

    • The delay time is now added in the Action section.

    How to set Push notification action for a trigger in Automation

    • Select Push notification and click Next.

    • In the push notification popup, select the type-
    • Product
    • Collection
    • Abandoned Cart
    • URL

    • Select the product/ collection. Upload the image, and enter the title, discount value, and description.

    • Click Save

    • The push notification action is added under the Action section for that Trigger.

    • Repeat adding Delay and Push notifications to perform a series of automated actions for that specific trigger.

    • Click Save when complete. The trigger is now saved in the Automation list.

    • Activate the trigger by enabling the Active toggle switch.

    That completes our Automation- Trigger & Action tutorial for Swipecart.