What is Facebook Messenger?

  • Facebook Messenger is an instant messaging service to connect with your audience and improve customer service.

  • It enables chat, voice, and video calls between your app’s and user’s Facebook profiles.

Benefits of Facebook Messenger integration

  • You can use Facebook Messenger as a customer service channel to answer questions from customers or as an advertising channel.

    • Answer queries of customers regarding products or services.

    • Start a conversation with potential leads

    • Offer coupon codes & discounts on chats.

  • Use Facebook Messenger to improve customer satisfaction.

Steps to integrate Facebook Messenger into the app on Swipecart.

  • Let’s start integrating Facebook Messenger into the Swipecart app.

  • First, you have to find your m.me link. It is your business profile’s Facebook Messenger link URL.

How to find your Facebook Messenger URL link

  • Click on Meta Business Suite under More Tools on your Facebook business profile.

  • Click on Inbox in the left sidebar of your business Meta Business Suite page.

  • Click on Settings-> View All Settings

  • Click on Copy Text to copy the Messenger URL in the Messaging section. This link starts with m.me followed by a number.

  • Click on the Chat plugin on the sidebar.

How to integrate Facebook Messenger into Swipecart

  • Click on Integrations on the left sidebar of your Swipecart dashboard.

  • Click on Facebook Messenger in the All Integrations section

  • Click on the Integrate button on the Facebook Messenger integration details page.

  • You’ll get a popup to confirm the integration. Click on Install.

  • Next, paste the copied Facebook Messenger link URL in the Page ID box.

  • Click Save.

  • Facebook Messenger is now integrated into your app on Swipecart.

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