What is a customer list on Swipecart?

  • A customer list on Swipecart is a list of customers who have interacted with your app.

  • It contains individual customer details like name, device id, time spent, and other information.

  • The customer name and details are automatically added to the customer list when a customer profile is created.

When is a customer profile created on Swipecart?

  • A customer profile is created when-

    1. Signing up for the mailing list or push notifications

    2. Placing an order

    3. Starting an order but abandoning their checkout.

Steps to access the customer list on Swipecart

  • Login to your Swipecart account.

  • Click on Customers in the left sidebar of the dashboard.

  • The customer list opens with these details-

    • Customer name

    • Device ID (for non-subscribed customers)

    • Email Address

    • First visited

    • Last seen

    • Total $ spent

    • Total time spent

    • Total sessions

    • Total page views

    • Purchase intent

    • Abandoned Cart value

  • These are arranged in rows and columns for easy viewing.

How to export the customer list on Swipecart?

  • You can export the customer list to your personal file in CSV format.

  • Click on Export to CSV on the Customer list page.

  • The customer list gets downloaded in CSV format to your device storage.

How to access individual customer details on Swipecart?

  • Click on the customer name or device ID to view details for that particular customer.

  • The customer detail page opens wherein you can view all customer details, order lists, and abandoned cart details.

Customer details on the Customer Detail page

  • It contains information on-

    • Device ID

    • Customer name

    • Email address

    • First visited

    • Total $ spent

    • Total time spent

    • Total sessions

    • Purchase intent

    • Total page views

    • Abandoned cart value.

Abandoned Cart list on the Customer Detail page

  • It contains information on abandoned carts such as-

    • Product image

    • Product title

    • Price

    • Quantity

    • Subtotal.

  • Click on Export to CSV to download this abandoned cart list to your system in a CSV format.

Orders list on the Customer Detail page

  • This contains information on order details and page visits.

    Order Details-

    • Order ID

    • Order date

    • Order total.

    Page Visits-

    • Image

    • Page Name

    • Visited time

  • Click on Export to CSV to download the Page Visits list to your system in a csv format.

How to send push notifications to customers from the Customer Detail page on Swipecart?

  • On the Customer Detail page, click on Send Push Notification.

  • A push notification popup opens.

  • Select the type as product/ collection/ Abandoned cart/ URL

  • Tag product/ collection

  • Upload the image and enter the title & description.

  • Preview the notification on the mobile device.

  • Click Expand/ Collapse to view the push message on the mobile device.

  • Enable Now Your Push? to send instant push notifications.

  • Enable Schedule Your Push to schedule it for a later date & time.

  • Select the date & time from the calendar.

  • Click Send Push Notification when you’re done.

That concludes our tutorial on accessing the customer list on Swipecart.

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