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  • Swipecart App is not translating languages even if I’m using the WPML plugin

    This tutorial will help you resolve issues related to WPML plugin for your app on the WordPress store.

    • The WPML plugin on your Swipecart app helps to select multiple languages for your app and translate them.
    • This tutorial will help you to enable WPML on Swipecart.
    • Before enabling this, study the features of the WordPress Multi-Lingual plugin on WordPress.

    • Sometimes, you may encounter issues while using the WPML plugin for your Swipecart app. The most common issues are:
    • You are using the WPML plugin but your Swipecart app is not showing the content in the translated language.
    • Swipecart is showing an error as “Unmapped languages found.”
    • You have published the product details and the blog in English but the Swipecart app does not auto-translate it to the selected language.

    • First of all, the WPML plugin will not translate the data on Swipecart automatically.
    • You have to enable some methods of translating that support Swipecart as well.
    • We put the WPML plugin to good use for translations on the Swipecart app through Mapping under WPML.
    • You can do it through the admin dashboard of WordPress.
    1. On the left menu of your WordPress admin, go to WPML.
    2. Next, click on Languages.
    3. In the Site Languages section, click on Edit Languages. See the attached image for reference.
    4. You’ll see a ‘Language mapping’ drop-down option where you can choose the language mapping for each of your site’s languages.

    If there is no language mapping option available on WPML:

    • If you don’t find the Language mapping option on WPML of your WooCommerce store, here’s an alternate method for you to enable language translation in your Swipecart app.
    1. If there is not any mapping field available, we’ll have to enable it, Click on WPML -> Settings.
    2. Scroll down to the Translation Editor section.
    3. Here select Advanced Translation Editor (recommended) in the “Editor for new translations” section. New translations refer to the content you translate from the moment you select this option. This enables WPML mapping functionality for you. See the attached image for reference.

    • You’ll now be able to see the content in the translated language on your Swipecart app.
    • If the issue still persists and you don’t see any change, we’ll help you.
    • Contact us and we’ll resolve the issue ASAP.