How do I insert new products in Shopify?

  • Swipecart fetches the entire product list including the collection categories from your Shopify dashboard. For this, you have to enable permissions on your Shopify store.

Method 1

  • Click on Products in the Shopify dashboard.

  • Select all products on the page by checking the box next to the Product title.

πŸ’‘ Note: If you want only some of your products to be available on the Swipecart app, check the box for those products instead of selecting all.

  • After all the products on the page are selected, navigate to β€œMore Actions” and click on the drop-down menu.

  • Here, select the β€œAll available channel(s)” option.

  • Check the β€œSwipecart-Mobile App” button and click on β€œMake Products Available”.

That’s it. All your products will now be available on Swipecart.

Method 2

  • If you want to enable one product at a time, click on that product to open its product detail page.

  • Navigate to the β€œManage” button next to SALES CHANNELS AND APPS. Check the β€œSwipecart-Mobile App” box and click on β€œDone”.

  • Now, this product will be available for the Swipecart app.

  • After that, you can add those products to your Swipecart app.

How do I insert new products in WooCommerce?

  • Swipecart is automatically fetching all new and old products from WooCommerce.

πŸ’‘ Note: The product should not be in Draft If you want to show it on the Swipecart.

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