What is Smile: Rewards & Loyalty?

  • Smile: Rewards & Loyalty is a tool to create and manage loyalty programs for your customers.

  • Increase sales and conversion by incentivizing customers for purchasing, social media following, referrals, and other activities.

Benefits of Smile: Rewards & Loyalty integration

  • Save on acquisition costs and boost brand affinity by integrating Smile: Rewards & Loyalty tool with your e-commerce mobile app on Swipecart.

    • Encourage repeat purchases

    • Boost engagement & conversions

    • Increase customer trust & loyalty

    • Build long-term customer relationships

Steps to integrate Smile: Rewards & Loyalty into the Swipecart app

  • Let’s start integrating Smile: Rewards & Loyalty into the app on Swipecart. The rewards system set up on your e-commerce website is carried over here to the app.

  • But first, make sure that the Smile.io app’s visibility is enabled for mobile.

    To do this, go to Smile.io admin on your e-commerce store.

  • Click Branding->Theme->Visibility.

    Ensure the Hide on mobile option is unchecked.

  • It’s done.

  • Click on Integrations on the left sidebar of your Swipecart dashboard

  • Click on Smile: Rewards & Loyalty in the All Integrations section

  • Click on the Install button on the Smile: Rewards & Loyalty integration details page.

  • You’ll get a popup to confirm the integration. Click Install.

  • In the Upload Icon section, upload a gift box or reward icon.

  • Click Save.

The Smile: Rewards & Loyalty tool is now integrated into your app on Swipecart.

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