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  • How to integrate Growave into your app on Swipecart?

    Display reviews in places where it matters the most and reward customers by integrating the Growave tool on your Swipecart app.

    What is Growave?

    • Growave is a review & rewards tool to help you generate reviews and UGC and reward customers for shopping, referrals, or reviews.
    • Collect automated reviews and display them on your app to help customers make informed buying decisions.
    • Create an efficient rewards program to generate repeat sales.

    Benefits of Growave integration

    • Build strong social proof by gathering and displaying reviews and UGC at crucial points in the sale funnel to convert shoppers into customers.
    • Structure your reward program to retain customers and increase average order value.
    • Increase customer shopping experiences
    • Build social proof and trust
    • Increase customer acquisitions
    • Get repeat sales
    • Boost conversion and sales

    Steps to integrate Growave Product Reviews App on Swipecart

    Let’s start integrating the Growave Product Reviews App into Swipecart. First, we have to find the Growave API Key and API Secret key.

    How to find Growave API Key and API Secret key?

    • Login to your Growave dashboard.
    • Click on your account name at the top right corner to get the dropdown.

    • Click API. Copy the API Key and API Secret key.

    How to integrate Growave Product Reviews into Swipecart?

    • Click on Integrations on the left sidebar of your Swipecart dashboard

    • Click on Growave Product Reviews App in the All Integrations section

    • Click on the Install button on the Growave Product Reviews App integration detail page.

    • You’ll get a popup to confirm the integration. Click Install.

    • Next, check the Reviews or Rewards option or both.

    • Paste the Growave API Key and Secret Key in the respective boxes.

    • Click Save.

    • Customers can view their Reward Points in the Swipecart app’s User Profile section.

    The Growave Product Reviews App tool is now integrated into your app on Swipecart.