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  • How to use the Divider widget in Swipecart?

    Learn how to add the Divider widget in Swipecart to help separate content sections and improve app design and customer engagement.

    Video Tutorial of Divider widget

    What is a divider widget in Swipecart?

    • The Divider widget in Swipecart is a layout element that allows you to neatly separate different content sections into clear groups on your app.

    Benefits of the Divider widget in Swipecart

    • Separate content and group it into sections
    • Organize content to enhance layout design
    • Set up a visual hierarchy by grouping similar or related contents
    • Improve app usability and utility.

    Steps to use the Divider widget in Swipecart

    • Click on App -> Design in the left sidebar on your Swipecart admin.

    • Click on Edit on the design where you want to add the Divider widget.

    • ­­Click on Home in the top navigation bar.

    • Click on the drop-down widget panel and select Divider.

    • Drag and drop the Divider widget to its position in your app design.

    • Move the mouse pointer over the dropped widget and click on Edit Divider.

    • In the popup, enter the Height value of the divider.

    • Click on Color. Enter RGB, HSL, or HEX values, or use the color picker.

    • Preview the changes on the right section of the popup.
    • Click on Save when done.

    • Click here to learn how to preview app changes on your mobile device using the Swipecart mobile app.

    That’s it. We are done adding the Divider widget on Swipecart.