Advice and answers from the Rentech Digital Team

  • How to add a new menu item to the side menu on Swipecart?

    • Click on “+ Add A Menu Item”.

    • In the popup that opens, enter the name of the menu item in the "Page Name" input box. Enter the font weight of the title.

    • Next, select the icon from the icon library.
    • Enable the “Upload Custom Icons” toggle switch to upload custom icons from your file. Click on the upload icon to upload an icon (png format).
    • Next, link the menu item to any page on your app. There are four options.
    1. User-Defined - User-defined pages are additional tabs or pages you have created on the home page. You can link any of these pages to the menu item.
    2. System Defined - System-defined pages are provided by default. These include pages such as Favorites, Collections, My Cart, My Profile, Settings, and so on.
    3. Web URL - This is to link the menu item to any external website link. By default, the web page opens as an app web page. Check the “Open outside the app” option if you want the website to open outside the app on the default browser the user has on their device.
    4. None - This does not redirect the menu item to any link.
    5. Click on “Submit” when you are done adding the new menu item.