• Click on the ‘Home’ tab on the top navigation bar.

  • In the left section, you have the Collection page under the SYSTEM DEFINED PAGE and Home under the CUSTOM PAGES. All new pages you create will be listed under the CUSTOM PAGES.

  • Let’s now add a new page to the app.

  • Click on the “Add Page” button at the bottom left section of your app’s design dashboard.

  • A popup opens. Enter the page name. Enabling the ‘Add As A New Page In Home’ toggle switch adds the new page to the home screen of your app. Click on “Submit”.

  • A new page is now created. It gets added as an additional tab on your app’s home screen.

  • This way you can create as many pages as you want with the “Add Page” option.

  • Turn off the toggle to not show as the home page and link that page anywhere else.

  • You can add this page at the side menu and bottom bar.

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