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  • How to install Multi Region plugin in Swipecart?

    Provide customers the option to shop for their favorite products by selecting & switching between multiple relevant stores.

    Use the Multi Region plugin in Swipecart to add different region-wise stores or merge multiple stores into your app. Set currency and product prices based on locations. Provide customers the option to switch between multiple stores and shop for products from the store of their choice.

    Benefits of Multi Region plugin in Swipecart

    Give customers the option to select a store of their preference & interest or their preferred region. Build customer confidence & loyalty.

    • Improve customer shopping experiences
    • Increase app engagement
    • Add more customers
    • Sell locally & globally
    • Boost sales & conversions

    Steps to install the Multi Region plugin in Swipecart

    • Click on Add-ons > Plugins in the left sidebar of your Swipecart admin dashboard.

    • Click on Multi Region in the All Plugins section.
    • On the Multi Region plugin page, you have a brief introduction to the plugin.

    • Click on Install

    • The Multi Region plugin is now installed on your Swipecart app.

    Steps to activate the Multi Region plugin in Swipecart

    • In the right section, upload the brand logo of the other store that you want to connect to this store.

    • Enter the store’s brand name to be displayed on the app.

    • To set the same store for different region-wise currencies, copy-paste the displayed Package Name in the text box provided below it.

    • To connect a different e-commerce store to the Swipecart app, go to Multi Region plugin page for that store, copy its Package Name & paste it here in the Package Name box.

    • Enter the Markup in percentage (value in + or -) to be set on products for that store

    • Next, select a currency for the store from the options in the drop-down.

    • To add one more package, click Add New Package.
    • Repeat the above steps and add the same package name but with a different currency if you want to set the same store for different regional currencies.
    • Else add a different package name if you want to connect another e-commerce store to your app.

    • Finally, click Save.

    • You can preview your plugin in your app.