What is Fera Product Reviews App?

  • Fera Product Reviews App is a review management tool for businesses.

  • You can use it to effortlessly collect and showcase customer feedback and reviews at critical points in the buyer’s journey.

  • This tool makes it easy to streamline your review management process, track customer feedback, and respond to reviews in a timely manner.

Benefits of Fera Product Reviews App

  • Request reviews from new and existing customers. Display them strategically on your app, social media, and search engines to drive growth and profits.

    • Build customer trust

    • Track customer feedback

    • Engage with customers in real-time

    • Boost buyer confidence

    • Increase social proof & conversions

Steps to integrate Fera Product Reviews App into Swipecart

Let’s start integrating the Fera Product Reviews App into Swipecart.

  • Click on Add-ons -> Integrations on the left sidebar of your Swipecart dashboard

  • Click on Fera Product Reviews App in the All Integrations section

  • Click on Install on the Fera Product Reviews App integration detail page.

  • You’ll get a popup to confirm the integration. Click Install.

  • Fera Product Reviews App is now integrated into your Swipecart app.

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