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  • How to create blogs in Swipecart using web URL embed?

    Learn how to embed your website blog list page URL on your Swipecart app to make the blogs accessible to mobile app users.

    • Blogs on your store help you to increase engagement, show authority and build a loyal customer base.
    • In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to embed your e-commerce website’s blog list page URL on your Swipecart app without having to create a separate page for it.

    Steps to create a blog using the embed URL pages in Swipecart

    • Click on App -> Design on your Swipecart dashboard.

    • Click on the Edit icon on the design in which you want to create a blog post.

    • In the design dashboard, click on Themes Settings -> Side Menu Settings.

    • Click on Add a Menu Item.

    • Enter Page Name and set the Font style & Font weight.

    • Select an icon from the library or upload a custom icon.

    • In the Link To section, check on Web URL

    • Copy-paste the blog list page URL of your e-commerce website.

    • Check on Open outside the app.

    • Click Submit.

    That’s it. A new menu item is added to the Side Menu of your app from where your customers can access the blogs.