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  • How to use the Swipecart dashboard?

    Use your Swipecart dashboard effectively to track KPIs and access your app design, plugins, integrations, and other features quickly

    • The Swipecart dashboard gives you an overall view of the crucial features available on this no-code app-building tool.
    • You can track some of the key metrics and directly access its features such as your app design, app publishing information, theme settings, and more.
    • You can also access important plugins and integrations from your Swipecart dashboard.

    Steps to use the Swipecart dashboard

    • Login to your Swipecart account to access your dashboard.

    • The dashboard is divided into three sections
    1. Store performance metrics
    2. Quick start guide
    3. Plugins & integrations
    • Let’s see each of them in detail.

    1. Store performance metrics

    This gives an overview of your app’s performance.

    Active users

    Here, you get the following data.

    • Count of real-time active users on your app.
    • Top active screens with the number of users per screen in the last 30 minutes.

    Total sales

    • A graphical representation of total sales over a specific period.

    Total orders

    • A graphical representation of the total orders over a specific period.

    2. Quick start guide

    • This section lets you access some of the crucial pages directly from the dashboard.
    1. Create Layout- Access your design dashboard
    2. Set Theme Style- Change the theme settings for your app
    3. Design Your Store- Start designing your app
    4. Publish App- Takes you to the App publishing information page
    5. Audience Segments- A quick access to create audience segments
    6. Campaigns- Start designing your push notification promotions.

    • The quick guide completion bar tells the number of tasks you’ve completed.

    • Click Create if you haven’t completed any of the listed tasks.

    • The completed task is denoted by a ✔ icon.

    3. Plugins & integrations

    • This section lists some of the important plugins and integrations.

    • Click on any of them to install.

    • Click View All to view the complete list of available plugins and integrations.

    That’s it. This completes our tutorial on how to use the Swipecart dashboard.