• Creating a page for blog posts in your Swipecart app is easy.

  • Blogs help you to engage customers and create a loyal community.

  • Let’s learn how to create a blog post on your Swipecart app using the Text widget.

Steps to create a blog using the Text widget in Swipecart

  • Click on App -> Design on your Swipecart dashboard.

  • Click on the Edit icon on the design in which you want to create a blog post.

  • In the design dashboard, click on the Home tab.

  • Click on Add Page to create a new page for the blog post.

  • Enter the Page Name and click Submit.

  • A new tab is created for your blog on the home screen.

  • On the new page, click on the Text Widget in the drop-down widget list

  • Place the Text widget inside the blog page.

  • Hover and click on Add/Edit Content.

  • It opens the text editor.

  • Now, start writing your blog here.

That’s it to creating blogs using the Text widget in Swipecart.

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