What is a FAQ widget in Swipecart?

  • Swipecart's FAQ widget allows you to add more information about products/collections in a Q&A manner.

  • Create a list of frequently asked questions by customers and add appropriate answers to them to assist and improve your customers' buying experiences.

Benefits of FAQ widget in Swipecart

  • Adding a FAQ section to your home page on the app increases customer satisfaction and boosts sales.

    • Easy customer access to frequently asked questions

    • Help improve decision-making for customers

    • Reduce frequent customer support queries

    • Improve user experience

    • Add more long-tail keywords to improve app visibility

Steps to add the FAQ widget in Swipecart

  • Click on App -> Design in the left sidebar on your Swipecart admin.

  • Click Edit on the design where you want to add the FAQ widget.

  • Click on Home in the top navigation bar.

  • Click on the drop-down widget panel and select FAQ from the list

  • Drag and drop the FAQ widget to its position in your app design.

  • Move the mouse pointer over the dropped FAQ widget and click Add/Edit Content.

  • Next, click Add New FAQ

  • In the popup, add your question and its answer. Click Add when done.

  • Click on Add New FAQ in the popup to keep adding more FAQs.

How to edit the style for the FAQ widget in Swipecart?

  • Move the mouse pointer over the FAQ widget and click on Edit Style.

  • Adjust the range slider for the Padding and Container Padding of the widget.

  • Widget Title

  • Edit the style elements for the widget title here in this drop-down.

  • Widget Title- Enter the title name

  • Title Alignment- Align the title to the left, center, or right.

  • Font Size- Increase or decrease the font size

  • Letter Spacing- Increase or decrease the space between the letters of the title.

  • Font Color- Set the font color using the color picker tool.

  • Font Style- Set the font style to Normal or Italics

  • Font Weight- Edit the bold or light values for the font

  • Reset- Tap on it to reset the above values to default.

  • FAQs Setting

  • Click on the drop-down to style the FAQ text content.

  • List Style- You can opt to separate the FAQs with numbers, bullets, or icons.

  • Background

  • You can opt to add a color or image to the FAQ widget background.

  • Click Save when you’re done editing the FAQ widget style. The changes you do are visible in the right section of the popup.

  • Click here to learn how to preview the app design changes on your mobile device using Swipecart mobile app.

That’s it on how to add a FAQ widget in Swipecart.

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